By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 09:23AM

Dear Members,


It has been over a month since we last wrote to update you on proceedings at the club. so far in terms of the season so far. We can safely confirm that season 2019/20 has drawn to a close, and you can claim back your remaining balance on the unfinished season ticket. The club survey found that 80% of City fans want the club to retain the balance for future operations, and only 5% wanted the refund. If you do require a refund, you only have until the end of July to do it.


So we are looking forward to the start of the new season, looking set to start in September after the first round of the League Cup, but that is not without uncertainty around arrangements in view of the Covid 19 situation. Discussions are also going on between the EFL and member clubs around a 'players wage cap' for Leagues One & Two and the impact that will have on football clubs. There is little being said officially from the EFL about it but it has been written about in the local papers, and has been discussed at our Supporters Board meetings with Ryan Sparks (the Club's Chief Communications Officer), coupled with discussion around the start of the season and how that could possibly look.


It has been well documented in the local press and confirmed in our Supporters Board Meetings that the Club is opposed to the idea of a 'wage cap'. In fact the cap is not really based on individual players' salary cap, but a 'Squad Salary Cap' based on the overall spend on wages. And the cap for League Two is £1.5m. The Club says the set limit is too low, and the Trust believes the restrictions should not be based on a set limit but measured by the percentage of revenue of each club - that would be fairer!  The Salary Cost Management Protocol is an EFL rule for L1 and L2 and already states that only a certain percentage of revenue can be spent on player salaries. The concept is good but the rule should be strengthened and properly enforced.


The principal aim of the EFL Salary Cap proposal is to promote a sustainable model for running clubs and this should include greater regulation checks in terms of transparency - opening the books for example. A more holistic look at this proposal should bring into the picture a fairer redistribution of Parachute Payments (paid to clubs relegated from the PL for a period of 3 years, decreasing each year) and Solidarity Payments (paid to all other EFL Clubs) which could potentially benefit greater sporting competition and ensure greater financial security at the same time. The ideal proposal however, would be an even greater share of wealth distribution from the PL flowing through the football pyramid.


Regarding the preparations for the start of the season, the Club are working on the guidance with regard to Covid 19 safety around the possibility of a reduction in ground capacity to 25% of the regular total, but the Club's preferred option is either no capacity or full capacity. It is unlikely, however, that the latter will be an option considering the current situation.

From a Football Supporters' Association perspective the EFL is consulting with us around all aspects of the return to live football. Our Trust Chair, and FSA National Committee member recently attended a Zoom meeting of fans' reps to discuss a 'Fans Charter' around the issues of the Coronavirus and its impact on the new season. We will update you on the detail of that shortly.

And finally, an online forum hosted by Radio Leeds featuring Stuart McCall is scheduled for the 27th July on 'Zoom'. See more details here.


We will keep you updated with any new information as it arises.


Best wishes and stay safe.


From all of us on the Bantams Supporters Trust Board

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 09:14AM

We have had an increase in the amount of members filling in this survey that we have been running since February. 

We have well over 800 of you registered as members and it would be great to get a survey return that can reflect that. At a time when there is great pressure on football to change to ensure the integrity and survival of the game, your views can help shape the future of the Trust.


By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 09:02AM

Following a recent survey, where more than 80% of supporters who participated requested for the remaining balance of their 2019/20 'Our City' season ticket to be donated back to the club...

The results of the survey, which closed last week, are as follows:

For more info click on the Bradford City website link here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 08:55AM

League Two Clubs have voted by an overwhelming majority to formally end the 2019/20 season.

The division had previously indicated their preference for curtailment but following today’s Extraordinary General Meeting, Clubs were required to pass a resolution in accordance with Regulation 9A.

For more info click on the EFL website link here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 08:47AM

Clubs in the League 1 and League 2 operate within a Spending Constraint framework termed Salary Cost Management Protocol (SMCP). SCMP limits spending on player wages to a percentage of club Turnover.

Initially introduced into League 2 in 2004/5 for guidance purposes, sanctions for breaching the SCMP thresholds were introduced during the 2011/12 season, with Swindon the first club to be sanctioned under the rules.

For more info click on the Financial Fair Play website link here.

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Jul 17 2020 08:43AM

Supporter-owned Exeter City, where the Supporters Trust has a good practice of consulting fans have seen £40,000, voluntarily donated to the Club by way of cash donations and foregoing season ticket refunds.

The trust heard from many supporters who were keen to help and set out a range of options for fans who wished to do so such as cash donations and handing back season ticket refunds. Supporters who had purchased advance home or away tickets could also choose to hand the cash back to the club.

For more info click on the FSA website link here.