EFL Fans Charter - Coronavirus Matchday Charter (CMC)

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Aug 27 2020 10:33PM

In a recent FSA Club Fans Reps meeting we discussed the EFL assurances in terms of clubs involving fans groups in genuine consultation regarding all aspects of the return to live football.

Below is a Fans Charter that the EFL assurances and a checklist of questions for fans' organisations and groups to ask clubs.

EFL Fans Coronavirus Matchday Charter

The EFL backs the right of supporters' groups to be involved in genuine consultation with their clubs regarding all aspects of the return to live football.

The EFL supports a fair phased return. No pricing band should receive priority above another.

The EFL recognises the unprecedented nature of recent events and acknowledges that the suspension of the Saturday 3pm blackout, might continue for iFollow only until all fans can return. New kick-off slots, enhanced TV "crowd" noise, quarterly drinks breaks and additional ID measures for match-goers, are temporary measures and not permanent fixtures.

Club checklist (for fan organisations and groups to ask Clubs):

Is your club consulting all representative supporters' groups in line with the Coronavirus Matchday Charter? It should be.

How is your club managing loyalty points during the phased return? The FSA EFL Network advocates the temporary suspension on the accrual of loyalty points with a review once this period is over. No fan should be punished if they are unable to attend football during this period because of underlying health concerns or financial issues.

Does your club have a clear pro-rata refund policy for future seasons should those seasons be disrupted?

Do season ticket holders have the opportunity to hold their seats without purchase until such a time they feel safe? Clubs must liaise with fan groups on these and related matters. Policy on this matter must be readily accessible, easy to find and transparent.

Has your club consulted fans on affordability? These are unprecedented times and many supporters will find themselves financially stretched. The FSA EFL Network believes clubs should use this as an opportunity to explore new concessionary pricing measures and ticketing initiatives, preferential financing including direct debit schemes, and/or price freezes.

Has your club consulted with supporters on which supporters will return to the stadium should capacity be restricted? Clubs need to publish a fair and transparent system and the criteria on how supporters were picked.

Has your club planned out how it will share relevant public health information regarding the safe return of supporters? Clubs should aim to share advice and expertise in a transparent way.

Good examples of positive engagement during COVID 19 - Nottingham Forest, Leeds, Portsmouth, Luton, Rochdale, Accrington, Exeter, Grimsby.

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