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Have Your Say In Our City Fans’ Survey

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, May 3 2021 09:41AM

Bantams Supporters Trust has an online survey we have been running since early March. This is the second survey we have rolled out of its kind and can be filled in by all City fans, not just Trust Members.

Our survey covers:

• How you have been watching City during this Covid season and whether there have been any technical issues.

• How you plan to return to Valley Parade when the new season begins once fans can return pending restrictions.

• Whether you think the ‘Claret’ and ‘Amber’ system on a ‘first come first served basis’ (which was to be adopted earlier this season and in all probability will be adopted, restrictions pending, for next season) works.

It also asks:

• Who should pay the price of Covid in football?

• The value of your season ticket, and if you would be prepared to pay more, and whether match day prices in a non-restriction, post Covid era should stay the same.

In relation to cost:

• It also asks if the Clubs’ financial position concerns you and the cost of the ground rent.

These are just highlights of the survey, and it is very easy to fill in and should only take 5 minutes of your time. Here is our survey:

Our surveys are important to us as they give us an indication of your views, and the more of you that fill these surveys in, the bigger the impact of our influence when we engage with our Club.

If you’re not already a Member, we encourage all City fans to join the Supporters Trust. It is here for you. Join us today here.

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May 3 2021 12:03PM by anthony welsh

150 to 200 i would pay i just know we wont do anything with these two in charge we need some good signings in to sell season tickets to let a good player like danny rowe go is criminal

May 3 2021 03:01PM by stanley wray

we need a proven manager these two are too negative seem to be devoid of ideas if left in charge god help season ticket sales

May 4 2021 10:51AM by John Watmough

There seems to be a warning concerning the potential lack of season ticket sales each and every season. People are always able to find some impediment. Once football is given the all clear regarding spectator admission, I think there will be a large number of Bradford City supporters wanting to buy s/t's

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