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The Sacking of Stuart McCall

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Dec 16 2020 10:41PM

On Sunday 13th of December the Club announced that they had let Stuart McCall go, the day after crashing 3-1 at Oldham away at Boundary Park, the 6th consecutive league defeat and saw the Club in 22nd position of the EFL League Two table. After raising some eyebrows by extending his contract a year a fortnight earlier, it came a bit of surprise perhaps to see him depart so soon.

Could this decision have been an act of panic, whilst staring at the unenviable, gargantuan and urgent task of turning the Bantams’ fortunes around from freefall?

Stuart is the 6th manager after the legacy of Phil Parkinson (not including caretaker managers). Ironically, it was Stuart who came back after Phil Parkinson’s departure in June 2016, only to be unfairly dismissed by Edin Rahic when Stuart was struggling after narrowly missing out on a return to the Championship the season before.

Stuart’s love for City made him come three times when asked by the Club, and he has been desperately unlucky with the three opportunities he had to improve the Club’s fortunes.

Could the Club have done more to support him and his Coach Kenny Black? Was the addition of a Chief Scout figure too little too late? His recruitment has been heavily criticised in some quarters. We never saw the true potential of the team, and of course he still inherited a legacy from the past he had no control over. Did those senior players impede the development and progress of the team? Could there have been more time for Stuart to turn the season around?

Does our Club value long-term vision when it comes to keeping a manager? Stuart and his number two were in post less than a year! The ‘you’re fired’ culture in football to yield a quick turnaround in results is appalingly cruel and is borne out of how money fuels the aggressive nature of competition in football.

So we see the under 18’s team manager, Mark Trueman and youth team coach as acting caretaker managers for the senior team. The team were able to grind out draw at Crawley on Tuesday so that is something. The question on everyone’s mind is who will stand up and take the poisoned chalice as the new City who will be determined to take us to infinity and beyond in the latest of the managerial merry go round? We would not like to speculate.

Stuart will always be a legend, a true City Gent for certainly the vast majority of the City faithful and we wish him the very best for the future.

What do you think about Stuart McCall’s sacking?

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Dec 19 2020 02:52PM by Charles Wilson

It wasn't a shock to me at all that Stuart got the boot after the Oldham game. On the one hand I think he's been desperately unlucky, especially with the onset of Covid and the disruptions and restrictions it's caused, but it's been the same for every other club, He was also unlucky with the unprecedented number of injuries to key players which resulted in much chopping and changing of the team and its formation. On the other hand, and perhaps with the benefit of some hindsight, the recruitment in summer was nowhere near good enough. Although he was recorded as being happy with his team building and the size of the squad the results on the pitch were soon telling a different story. He was unable to ring the changes in personnel in an attempt to stop the rot as he found himself bereft of options due to the size of the squad. The sacking, just a fortnight after he'd been given an extended contract, was ludicrous and made the board look inept. They (the board) have a chance to redeem themselves by making a good choice with the next manager. Let's hope he has some success at stripping out the dead wood and recruiting new players in the January transfer window .

Dec 19 2020 05:43PM by Chris Watson

Much as we all love Stuart, he has time and again proved unable to turn things around after a bad patch. The same happened at Scunthorpe.
The defensive organisation was sadly lacking. They can defend as has been proved this week with both Crawley and Cambridge failing to score a goal of their own! The two young coaches have picked players in form and it has worked.
However, we missed many chances yet again so it is still going to be a long season.

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