Trust Statement On The Behaviour Of A Minority of Newport Fans

By Bradford City Supporters Trust, Feb 28 2020 09:16AM

The Trust has been shocked and disappointed at the behaviour of a mindless minority of so-called Newport fans when the Bantams were guest opponents at Rodney Parade.

The abuse Stuart McCall received and the Leeds United banner displayed represents a new low in the increasing trend of incidents that we see that are just not acceptable in our game.

We welcome our Club's reporting of the incidents to the FA and Newport County's swift actions in working with it's shareholders and the authorities to identify those involved in order.

We also share Newport County's zero tolerance on discriminatory behaviour of any kind and that we would like to work towards seeing all our football grounds being an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

The Supporters Trust believes that everyone can play their part in ensuring discriminatory behaviour can be stamped out of our football grounds and society by working collectively towards it.

The Trust Board

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